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A smart girl with great talents. She is beautiful and would make a guy lucky. Dont lose her, you will regret it if you do.
by Kevin woo December 23, 2017
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A girl who's usually brunette and European. She's very kind and gorgeous but also a badass. She can act mean, and will beat up anyone of any shape or form for someone she cares for. She's confident and is not afraid of anything. Super talented in everything. However, she is a perfectionist and will not accept failure. She's sarcastic and hilarious. She will trample over herself and her dignity and pride to help someone or to be accepted by the person she cares for. Don't hurt her, if Daryna gets hurt, she will stress over it and drown in pain because even though she is very harsh, and can be sometimes rude, she will do anything for others. She will be hurt alone, not telling anyone if they hurt her. She's concentrated on making those she loves seem the best possible that she never talks bad about her friends or family. Overall, she's gorgeous, model material, and freaking amazing!!
Boy 1: Hey did you see Daryna??
Boy 2: Yeah! She's so hot!

Boy 1: Right?? But I heard every guy gets played by her but she never dates them.
Boy 2: Won't hurt to try!
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by [{Mark R.}] June 10, 2018
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