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(v) Also known as a "black check", this is the action one performs when a black joke is on the verbal horizon of their tongue. This action can range from motions as minimal as turning one's head around, to searching the entire area thoroughly; leaving no stone unturned. It is commonly known that black people generally use pottery as a hiding spot, so one should thoroughly search through that ficus to the very last spec of soil. If one's friend forgets the darkwatch, it is mandatory that said friend shouts "darkwatch", regardless of environment, privacy, or number of obvious black people in proximity.
Ted: "Okay, so a black guy walks into a bar..."
Dave: "Wait! Darkwatch!"
Ted: *looks around the room* "Okay, so a black guy walks into..."
Ted was then shot by an assault rifle wielding black man hiding in a vase across the street at the pottery barn.
by Nick Lowers May 18, 2009
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Halo with a vampire. The controls are exactly the same, the guns are strikingly similar, there are 10 different sensitivity levels, 4 difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard and absurdly difficult. You can hold only 2 weapons, there is a female voice in your head during single player, like Cortana. You can exploit multiplayer maps with the vampire jump to get to places you should normally get to, just like halo grenade jumping. The campaign is linear and usually very simple to figure out what to do or where to go next. You have a shield that lets you tank damage before hiding and recovering. You have a 2x zoom for your right thumbstick, or R3 for PS2. All in all however, it's a very good game in the same fashion Counterstrike is a good game.
Counterstrike is to half-life as Darkwatch is to Halo. However Darkwatch is not a mod, it's basically the same game.
by Obi Cotton Picker March 30, 2009
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probably the most innovative game that came out in 2005. a vampire/western first person shooter,come on,thats really original!!! plus it has a kick ass charicter named jherico. its about 12 hours long,but its fuckin' awesome!!!
person#1:dude have you ever played Darkwatch for the ps2?
person#2:yeah it fuckin' rocks!! >:^)
by kornrocks91 October 22, 2005
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