Danyon is a funny, sweet, nice, caring, loser, down to earth person who is a really friendly guy. He cares for allot of people and loves to make new friends, especially the girls. He can be a complete douche at times but everyone loves him for it.

He does well with the biddies and always know the right things to say but they all fall for his cuteness. Danyon's are usually smaller then they should be but it's what makes him him.

Danyon will never be seen without his goon on weekends and will never NOT attend an Open House party with his boys.

He is a very outgoing guy and really great to hang around and be with.

He is allot more caring then he makes himself out to be and tries to look tough allot but once you see the real him you realize his is mostly a big softy on the inside.

Danyon will never back down on a fight for himself or his friends. He considers his closest guy and girl mates his Brothers and Sisters because he has a good relationship with them all.

He is a huge flirt but you can't help but love him for his out there opinions.

Danyon is an all around great person, brother, son and friend. Who knows where they would be without a Danyon.
Girl: Did you see that guy flirting with her?
Boy: Yeah, that's Danyon!

Girl 1: Awh he's so cute and little!
Girl 2: Yup, that's Danyon!
by Danyon's Awesome friend! December 26, 2011
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