A friend you can count on and be glad to have in your corner. Thoughtful and has a great sense of humour. Loves the outdoors, fishing, biking and hanging out with friends. Knowledgeable when it comes to cars and has an interest in photography. Finds ways to connect people and break the ice. Count yourself lucky if you’re called a Danver.
Man I wish I knew cars...what I need is a Danver in my life.

Love that guy, he’s a real Danver for having my back.
by BNF2009 April 23, 2020
Are those people from Danvers? Woah! Lets drop Quick!

by Anonoam April 30, 2011
The town in mass where sad white kids pretend their lives are interesting by doing drugs
"Hey have you been to danvers?"
by Vapelord24 March 25, 2017
a craphole in north eastern mass that is filled with crackwhores, sluts, pregnant teenagers, and a community college where all Danvers little failures of life go to pretend they are doing something with their lives
me: hey mike hows like
jon: (while smoking crack) oh its good *scraches neck* my wife is pregnant again with another little rat face kid
me: you got married?
jon: HELLZ NO NIGGA! i just pimpin ma shit around danvers community college
me: thats sad......
by inrecop15 March 1, 2008
a very small town with nothing but a gas station and a bar located in the middle of illinois

population is about 1000 mostly consisting of older people and a few teenagers

there is also an elementary school where kids from other small towns go to
dude wana go hang out in danvers?

fuck that
by Jacobness January 1, 2008
A cute nerdy girl who wears glasses and a ponytail in attempt to disguise herself from being revealed as Supergirl. She's also a bad liar and once told Lena Luthor (her future wife) she flew to her office on a bus.
"I'm not flying around and saving people in this thing" ~Kara Danvers 2k16
by GaboGabby July 15, 2017
Someone who deserves the world and who has the puppy eyes in the world
Person 1: Hey did you hear Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer are dating

Person 2: Those two deserve the world
by Sanversdeservetheworld April 4, 2017