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Posessing the qualities of dankness. Dank, a term generally reserved for refering to high quality marijuana. Danktronic describes everyday things as being "dank."
Yo nephew, did you see those new Jordans? Them shits is danktronic!!!
by Stephen Parkhill November 02, 2006
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Danktronics is a universal collaboration of thought and consciousness stemming from the desire to make a positive difference in the world.

dank - of the highest quality

tronic - trill / chronic / electronic music
Building culture and community in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Born from a rare seed, Danktronics brings to you a lifestyle brand built by a collaboration of music, art, clothing and experience with an oddly natural feel. We exist to bridge the underground to society, as a platform for forward thinkers of all kinds to flex our collective creative muscle and impact the world, future and present. in a positive way.
by squashbricksallday February 05, 2018
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