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1. A student in any form or fashion.
2. From the Karate Kid. Daniel studied Karate and was called Danielson by his teacher, Mr Miyagi.
You must try harder in order to get the poon, Danielson.
by Joe380 October 12, 2007
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Danielson is the name given to Daniel LaRusso by his karate master, Mr. Miyagi, BUT, is also used as a way to express anger, or frustration. Danielson is often used as a replacement for dammit.
Example 1
Chelsea falls up the stairs in public.
CHELSEA:*under her breath* "DANIELSON!!"

Example 2
Ross misses the goal even when there's an open net.
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by #1GoblinBoy July 29, 2018
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(v): 1. To be fired or laid off due to unknown circumstances from inside the place of employment.

2. To mysteriously disappear from work, because of a sudden firing.
1. The bagboy was recently danielsoned from the supermarket, even though he worked there for three years.

2. Did Mark from accounting get Danielsoned, I haven't seen him all week!
by Wh2k June 13, 2010
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