FCW, an abbreviation for the chronic illness known as FAT CLOUD WITHDRAW. Onset of this devastating illness comes from the highly addictive properties of the recreational drug 'marijuana' and the separation from the FAT clouds one can make with it. Common symptoms are trembling, sweating, rehab visits, and severe emotional trauma. To this day, there are no known cures for FCW. Common home remedies used by these victims are Vape and Meth. If left unmanaged with Vape and/or Meth one can develop an even more serious condition, PCW. PCW or PHATT CLOUD WITHDRAWW is an unstoppable condition that cant even be managed with the thiccist of vape mods.
"Bro why are you shaking? Do you have FCW?"
by VapeGod666 October 2, 2017
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An abbreviation for getting Filthy, Creepy and Weird when trying to pick up random girls usually at a party, bar or club. Includes everything from grabbing a girl and grinding with her from behind without any conservation to buying girls an excessive amount of drinks to get them drunk
Brandon: "Did you see Luke getting FCW at the party last night? "
Julius: "nah what was that creep doing?"
Brandon: "he took his shirt off started finger banging some random girl in the basement?"
Julius: "damn that is FCW"
by Big P FCW December 10, 2016
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fireball cinnamon whiskey (the shooters specifically)
Dang dude the fcw shots had me going last night
by tweaj January 5, 2022
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