When you take a shit in the woods (forest) and then use the leaves from the plants to wipe your ass.
dude I just had to take a daniel boone in the dark. I hope that wasn't poison oak.

there wasn't a bathroom for miles so I had to take a daniel boone.
by rainydaystranger August 10, 2012
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when a man shaves his sex partner's pubes, cums on them and molds them into a small hat resembling one worn by daniel boone. the hat is then placed on the penis and inserted into the vagina.
I gave my woman a daniel boone last night and now she is bald as a baby.
by Cocklips February 6, 2009
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A school where every girl thinks she has big boobs and a big butt and tries way too hard to be better than she really is and rant about stupid things on Facebook and can all relate to Hannah Baker in every way possible
Damn, those people at Daniel Boone high school think they're the shit
by Faggeroon69 June 3, 2017
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Shit ton of Fuckboys who can even pronounce words properly. Also the are a shit ton of Fuck ups, they can't even get a school shooting right.
by Fuckboi88 April 12, 2017
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The shittiest school you can ever send your kid to that will ruin their life. The hallways smell too strongly of weed and cotton candy vape juice. There are bloodstains on the wall in one of the girls bathrooms. There are at least 2 guidance counselors and a teacher fired/arrested every year because they can’t keep their hands off students. One of the teachers practices witchcraft. People get stabbed in the parks outside the building. There is rarely even a superintendent. Teachers will randomly leave out of nowhere one day after being there for decades and are never heard from again. This is a school who actively tries to kill off your students brain cells until they become speds. None of the people who work here ever knows what is going on, most of the time a student who hasn’t been turned yet will organize everything because all the adults act like they slid of a dead whales womb yesterday.
Kid from a different high school: Yo how was your first day at school man?
Kid from Daniel Boone High School: Two teachers already quit, one of the students tried to rape a janitor in the lunchroom, all my friends transferred to different schools, the principals nudes were airdropped to the whole school, one of the guidance counselors already had sex 3 times with some freshman, someone brought a gun, and Jonny tried to stab three people in the eye with a paper clip.
by Ebs August 27, 2019
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