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In hockey the term dangling is used to describe, crazy, or insane move, someone wtih dangleitis then is someone who uncontrolably can dangle.

There is no known cure.
Person A: " Did you see the moves Crosby put on last night in the shoot out? "
Person B: " Yeah, that kid has a serious case of dangleitis."
by Nytoxic December 01, 2005
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A rare sickness of the hands, seen on an ice rink if seen at all. Symptoms include toe drags, triple dekes, sauce, the dirty pavel. Can be cured by using a wooden stick, using a brutal knob, or wearing a bauer cage.
Broadie #1: Did you see the move freaky Sully pulled last night on that Needham bender last night.
Broadie #2: Yeah looked like a pretty wicked case of dangleitis.
Broadie #1: That kid has immaculate flow.

by Rocko Lumber January 23, 2008
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Dangelitis consumes the brain of a hockey player. Although the open shot may be there, Dangelitis makes the player go for that one extra move. Signs of Dangleitis are smooth mooves and unbelievable toe drags to slip through defenders and make them look silly, while keeping the puck on a string, effortlessly.
Paddy: Holy shit did you see Gagnon's moove on that defenceman?

Dillon: Ya man, he has a serious case of Dangleitis these days.
by Connor Danglesaurusrex March 02, 2010
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