Someone who does your bidding, a puppet or lackey.
Bruce is my dancing monkey.
by bobcows October 15, 2003
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A dancing monkey is an accomplice who follows the leader (silver back) at all times, through thick and thin much like an urchin except acts more like a master's puppet.

Dancing Monkey is also referred to as Pinoccio.
S.D. - Cmon now S,K we gotta go do this together.

C.O. - NO! u always treat him this way, like the dancing monkey he is!

S.K - *Ching Cling*
by kooni November 21, 2007
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an albino man who is eating a banana
my dad is a dancing monkey
by Martin April 19, 2003
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That annoying song made by Tones and I that gets overplayed on the radio and tv commercials. It's basically the radio version of Baby Shark.
Person 1: Yo, have you heard that new song named Dance Monkey
Person 2: Yeah, that song is annoying as hell, maybe as annoying as Baby Shark.
by CrazyCockatoo2003 February 4, 2020
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dance monkey will hold advertising banner sign at outdoor location during retail business hours. Must be available to work retail hours. Must be able to work in outdoor conditions with varying types of weather and sun exposure. Must present a clean, neat and friendly appearance to customers and public
that dance monkey can realy swing that sign
by calbilmc July 8, 2012
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A stupid fucking tik tok song that gets into ur head with a decent tune but trash vocal skills.
Person: Have u heard the song dance monkey?
Person: Yeah everyone has, its shite
by llama-corns November 30, 2019
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This song was created by tones and I which the meaning of dance monkey was usually a refference to the nigger people that do the monkey dance also known as the sturdy or the griddy.
Nigger person 1: Yo get sturdy
Nigger person 2: Alright bet nigga
Tones and I: Dance monkey, Dance monkey ohhhh~
by Ihatethechocolatepeople October 31, 2022
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