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1. A teacher which is never absent to a lesson even though their sick or just because of chance.

2. A teacher which teaches badly and punishes exaggeratedly.
Mr. Henderson is such a danch.
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by Blaze Thee Laze March 26, 2019
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a short way to say Daniel in Armenian, usually a fine man that's pale white with blonde hair and hazel eyes.
Him : isn't your brothers name Daniel?
Her : yah but everybody who knows him calls him Danch.
by Y'AYE January 15, 2018
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LIneage 2 - World server 5

UE United Europe alliance, better speicfied Horde non factor - danch.

A man who got big mouth and never do what he say.
Why didn't you come to GoddarD N gates to cancel some TL like you said? What a danch you are!
by PonchoSLO March 04, 2007
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