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A small boarding and day school outside of Boston, Dana Hall is a prestigious all-girls school located in Wellesley, MA. A large population of the school consists of day students, which is different from its roots as an all-boarding school. While Dana Hall can be a tough environment for those who aren't ready to live by themselves or be exposed to the behavior of old and new money wealthy (and less wealthy, albeit a smaller population of this catagory exists) girls that are pushed academically and socially - it often results in mature young women who learn a lot about the world through their time at the school. Being a boarder is definitly harder than being a day student but at the same time friendships are made in either situation that will last a lifetime. The traditions are the most meaningful and memorable experiences most girls will have while at Dana Hall and the students often fight against the administration to keep them in existance.

Dana Hall was traditionally started as a prep school for Wellesley College and ties with the university are now unofficial but still exist on lesser terms. The school was founded in 1881 and continues to foster life-long bonds and memories in its successful students.
Where did you apply to school?

Rivers, NCDS, Winsor, Brooks, Milton, Dana Hall, Concord, and Middlesex.
by DHStudent July 24, 2006
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A wonderful, private all-girls located in Wellesley MA. It is fairly academically challenging, with a lot of emphasis on close friendships and sports. Although it does have a bad reputation, hardly any of the the girls come close to these stereotypes. It is a wonderful place to grow academically, physically and socially.
I've heard the academics at dana hall were fairly challening
dana hall student It's true!
by chapplechipple September 28, 2009
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A preppy allgirls school in Wellesley Massachusetts where 4 out of 5 girls are wearing uggs and/or northface jackets every day. Most of the girls are rich and they don't hide it. The day students are usually the rich ones who dress nice (i donno who they want to impress but they claim to be straight). The boarders are more laid back and don't care as much about money and material shit. Alot of the girls are fake and have fake frienships. The classes are hard and it's a very stressful school. At the same time, students get in trouble alot. Poor kids can get kicked out for anything bad. But if you have money you're usually safe. That's how life works though. Dana Hall is a reality check for the boarders and poor kids. But the rest will have to face reality later in life. Dana Hall is the worst and the best times of your life.
1.) Dana Girl to girl #1: Hi sweetie! No legit...your uggs are sooo cute! Luv ya!
Dana Girl to girl #2: omg i hate that bitch...her uggs arent even real.
by dhgirl March 27, 2005
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An all girls private boarding/day school. It gets a bad rep because people assume that all the girls are rich bratty sluts. A popular theory of why people think and say that is they're a)petty b)jealous c)bigoted because of something that happened to someone else d)trying to make themselves feel better.
Dana has a widely varied curriculum, small class sizes, and many opportunities other schools do not offer. There is a large center for sports, called the Shipley Center, a riding rink,and nice library. While there are some bitchy and slutty girls, there are just as many if not more nice girls. And if you'll recall, no school is perfect, I'm sure there are just as many sluts at your school.....if not more
boy 1:"dude look over there! it's a Dana Hall girl! lets like ask her to have sex with us!"
boy2:"totally dude!"

to girl:
"hey you go to dana right?wanna have sex with us?"
to boys:
"No um 1)i don't know you 2)thats a gross stereotype and 3)i have better things to do, sorry."
by XXheartsXX April 15, 2008
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Dana Hall is an all-girls preppy school in Wellesley, MA where Balenciaga Bags are used as their pencil case or just to carry their car keys around. Most of the girls’ daddys have their own company. All the day students have their own Mercedes or BMW’s which they were given for their Sweet 16. The day students dresses up every day for some reason where as the borders are chilled. But an exception goes to the International borders from Japan, Saudi, EU, and Korea at Dana. These kids have probably donated their money to build soccer fields, barns, boarding houses, music schools etc. This school is basically built by the donations they get every month by the internationals. Just to emphasize, international kids gets a ‘Welcoming Donation Letter’ every 3 weeks and they get to choose where to donate to. What a good way to get donated right? Girls at Dana are fake and friendship is impossible to find. On top of that, they include of many traditions where you basically spend just over a grand in total just to have a surprise ceremony. As for academics, the classes are very hard and the work load is heavier than college but students w/o help of their parents are capable to getting into competitive schools. At the same time, students and usually the black kids at school get into trouble so easily and they are the ones to get kicked out first. Good thing, these kinds of problems will never exist for the international boarders and the day students who are happy to ‘help’ and improve the school at any time. This is the life around Dana Hall. They learn nothing related to the outside world as they are treated like princesses within the school and when they apply to colleges, the first thing to look for is ‘Give’ on the website and see how much it would cost to get into the school. Dana Hall is the worst and the best experience you can get on the East Coast.
"Dana Hall School",
Dana Hall,
East Coast,
Dana Hall School.
by ivyleagueplayer January 30, 2009
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An all girls prep school in eastern Massachusetts. It began as a finishing school for girls, and is known for being one of the academically easier all girls schools. Most girls are accepted based on wealth and social status, although Dana Hall also accepts a somewhat diverse rang of students. Their rival is The Winsor School, another girls prep school in Boston. Winsor is known for its extremely high academic achievement, while Dana is known for its sports and extracurriculars. Dana is also the unofficial sister school of Belmont Hill, and are known for promiscuous relationships with most of the students at Belmont Hill.
Dana Girl #1: oh my god, i cant believe Winsor beat Dana Hall in lacrosse!
Dana Girl #2: oh well. lets just go party with the BHS guys anyways!
by ilovekitkat May 12, 2007
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One of those stereotypical all girls private schools. The buzz of gossip and rumors can constantly be heard around campus. The school has 3 powerful groups of students; stoners, preps, and sluts. There is the occasional nerd or misfit, but they tend to blend into the background and don't draw too much attention. "scene" and "hardcore" are two words that are not in the Dana Hall vocabulary. Hardcore music tends to scare most of the Dana Girls. The general preference for music at Dana Hall is Rap. It seems rather odd that at a school that promotes womens rights all the girls listen to degrading music....but hey, thats the beauty of Dana Hall, It makes no sense!
Scene Dana Hall Girl: wow I love Underoath!! they are so good.
Preppy Dana Hall Girl: ewww Underoath?! I saw them in concert, they opened for boys like girls. They were legit the scariest people I have ever seen!
by xhardcorex October 27, 2007
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