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Dana Hall is an all-girls preppy school in Wellesley, MA where Balenciaga Bags are used as their pencil case or just to carry their car keys around. Most of the girls’ daddys have their own company. All the day students have their own Mercedes or BMW’s which they were given for their Sweet 16. The day students dresses up every day for some reason where as the borders are chilled. But an exception goes to the International borders from Japan, Saudi, EU, and Korea at Dana. These kids have probably donated their money to build soccer fields, barns, boarding houses, music schools etc. This school is basically built by the donations they get every month by the internationals. Just to emphasize, international kids gets a ‘Welcoming Donation Letter’ every 3 weeks and they get to choose where to donate to. What a good way to get donated right? Girls at Dana are fake and friendship is impossible to find. On top of that, they include of many traditions where you basically spend just over a grand in total just to have a surprise ceremony. As for academics, the classes are very hard and the work load is heavier than college but students w/o help of their parents are capable to getting into competitive schools. At the same time, students and usually the black kids at school get into trouble so easily and they are the ones to get kicked out first. Good thing, these kinds of problems will never exist for the international boarders and the day students who are happy to ‘help’ and improve the school at any time. This is the life around Dana Hall. They learn nothing related to the outside world as they are treated like princesses within the school and when they apply to colleges, the first thing to look for is ‘Give’ on the website and see how much it would cost to get into the school. Dana Hall is the worst and the best experience you can get on the East Coast.
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Dana Hall School.
by ivyleagueplayer January 30, 2009
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