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1. (noun) The damp-wipe is the only known scientifically researched cure for swamp-ass and the like.

2. (verb) the act of dampening a towel/toilet paper/ any absorbent medium with water and then using it to remedy swamp-ass, crotch-rot, fumunda cheese, etc.

Worker 1: "Man, Ive been sweating my ass off working all day. I got some serious swampass goin on here"

Worker 2: "Sounds like you gotta dampwipe."

Worker 3: "Yea, the dampwipe cured my crotch rot."

Worker 2 to Worker 1: "Ya see? Proof. Hey, we're ordering from Zaccardi's...what do you wanna get?"
by in memory of george haney March 08, 2008
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