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He is a African American boy who is multi skilled.He is smart and cares for other people.Also he is handsome and is a very good gentleman.He has his sights set on one individual female.He is always having to curve other girls just for her.Also he is a cancer so u might want to look it up to see what's his personality is
Oh that's damiyon every girl wants him but he only wants one
by Despite January 12, 2017
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She is a beautiful, intelligent & well-driven female. She works hard and cares others. She avoids drama and leads her own path. Many people try tear her down because of her beauty and intellect but she remains humble. She's also the prettiest out the group and st most times the smartest. Don't cross her or you'll enter a world full of havoc and bad karma.
Damiyon is very beautiful
by Damiyon, Damion June 17, 2018
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