Birth name: Dallas Winston

A character from The Outsiders. The tough guy in the Greaser gang, he committed suicide after Johnny Cade died from severe burns after he saved kids from a burning church.
by StatenIslander November 21, 2007
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To delay; act slowly. A shortened version of dilly dally. Usually used in reference to someone slowing you down en route to a place you want to be.
"Don't dally on the way to happy hour"
by gov'ner November 10, 2007
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A nick name for the usually male name "Dallas".
"Ay, dally! How bout' dem cowboys?
by Skye! January 2, 2008
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to use, ride or drive something and fucking around in the process
lets go dally the bikes
by look behind you May 16, 2007
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The best person you will ever meet in your entire life. She is caring, charming and, all around hilarious. Dallie is a girl you want to keep because when she's gone it hurts. If you ever get to meet a Dallie cherish her and never let her go and love her forever. But... she will go for awful shots in basketball.
I'm the luckiest guy because I have Dallie
by LukieTarantino April 7, 2018
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Dallis is a crazy loveable person who is smart but at the same time is mean
by Unicorniand June 12, 2018
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She’s a beautiful, sporty, sweet, funny, and crazy ass girl. She has a nice ass and is freakier than you think. She is very retarded and all the guys think she’s pretty and hot. She has a wonderful personality and and is loyal. She thinks she’s annoying but guys love to hear her voice and can’t get enough of it. She’s one person you can tell everything too and you don’t have to worry about it spreading around.
“Damn she hot asff what’s her name.” -“ oh that’s Dallis.”
by Drenee March 29, 2019
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