a name dalis is very unique name for a person not alot of people are named dalis.
dalis a insecure shy girl who sweet, beautiful,unique,different sensitive she's funny,random,Spontaneous and really kind to people,she loves learning new things,she tries her best to make people around her happy, she not like any other girl you'll meet if your friends with a girl name dalis she will always got you back for anything no matter what she's a good friend, get know dalis and you'll never regret meeting her.in relationships she's always loyal,she love doing activities withe her lover, she's a mischievous girl most likely to settle down with ,if your dating a girl name dalis your one of the luckiest persons
you really don't find a girl name dalis around so if you know one your lucky person
is boring in class until dalis came the fun begins.
dalis is weird and fun she made my day.
by anonymousssss12 January 6, 2012
A fabulous, beautiful girl with a rebellious but nerdy personality.
"dayummm look at that."
"Is that a Daly?"
"Damn right it's a Daly."
by MangoTangoDano November 5, 2013
A name given to only a select amount of girls worthy of such greatness. They are generally Georgian and a bit short. They have two weaknesses: directions and canadians.
Some dude #1 - You know Dali?
Some dude #2 - no
by jayomayo September 11, 2013
A term used when you do something daily/regularly!
I haven't had time to game!
Him: sucks to be you bro I game on the Daly!


My wife Nikki and I have sex on the Daly!
by Hom2436 January 25, 2018
She is a very unique girl. She is the type of girl who loves video games, especially RPG and crafting games. She finds it really hard to find real friends, most of her friends are boys too. She also hates all that romantic crap. She protects her family as much as she can. Most of the time she is very lazy. She really hates sports, but loves acting. She is very hilarious and makes jokes and puns all the time. She is also very shy and gets embarrassed very easily, she is a real introvert, she mostly comfortable with people she knows. She also hates school, but gets good grades. Once you get to know her, she is awesome.
"My friend is such a Daly."
by YayCats_LOL October 23, 2018
A Daly is one of two things.

1) An insane student teacher who makes a boring class ballin'.

2) A male with a very hot girlfriend.

3) An absolute G who drives a Volkswagen.
"Did you see that daly over there? He was ballin, true story."

"That Mr. Daly is the best teacher ever."

"I wish I was a part of Daly Nation."
by DalyNation2010 May 4, 2010
Daly is a slang term for something that is confusing or new.
by angieslovelife May 23, 2021