the finest person you will ever meet
daii is fine asf
by theyluvdaii March 1, 2021
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You will only ever meet a few "Daii Baddies". They are rare girls that could care less about people who have crossed them. They love to be spoiled and sometimes love spoiling others. They have big asses and are some true bad bitches. Daii Baddies are usually Scoprios, so be prepared for them to be manipulative and cry-babies. Love them with all your heart or don't love them at all.
Dammmn, thats one fine ass Daii Baddie right there!
by EnterYourMind April 10, 2021
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Noun. Something of importance, significance, or just plain wicked-coolness.
Dude, that movie was totally the otha daii; or, I have to finish this paper, it's definitely the otha daii.
by bisnatch05 March 22, 2009
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most likely gayest person you meet
Zoe bro u so gay
daii no thats u
everyone no zoes right
by waitugay November 21, 2019
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