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shes the most amazing girl youll ever meet, she is not like the rest, always keep things in to make other people feel good.The best bestfriend you can ever have. she keeps your secrets closed. she can always keep a smile on your face. shes the best girlfriend anyone can have, shes trust worthy pulse shes beautiful inside out. has am amazing smile you can get lost in her sparkiling eyes for days. she gives the best hugs ever. loves being around people she loves. but if you hurt her shell cry for days until you have a seriouse talk to her. music is the only thing that can turn off the world and make her happy. shes good at sports isnet very tall nor very short shes just perfect .she loves snuggling in the rain and enjoys having long hugs. daffany was the best thing that ever happend to me. love, DAFF
daffany, daffany oh how i love you! daff, daffy duck, sexy
by johhnyboy1234567 July 13, 2012
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a beautiful,kind caring girl who will make u feel like the best guy in the world,will make u laugh til u cry and makes u feel lucky just 2 know her
hey daffany,i love you
by tubbyfuck July 04, 2011
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