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A condition under which a female suffers from the terrible misfortune of being born with her father's face, effectively ruining her chances of ever being truly attractive.
Paris Hilton *could* be hot; too bad she's got a daddyface.
by riomx July 30, 2006
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A face a dominant male gets when he is doing/wand to do some kinky shit. It’s fucking hot.
Has anyone told you that’s you get daddy face when we make out?
by usernamefor500 August 15, 2019
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The look you get from a fuckboy or the one you wish you would give to your crush. You know the one, it legit looks like you wanna fuck the camera/person/air facing you. Often found in BTS’ dance practise videos.
V: *pulls daddyface midst DNA dance practise*
A.R.M.Y: *spontaneous pregnancies*
by Tae.Han_Yeong May 06, 2018
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