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a groooovy, down-with-the-kids dance, often performed by the senior members of the brides family at her wedding reception.

adopted by adoloescents mocking their fathers when they have gone to the buffet.

the foundations of the dance lie in the bent knees and elbows, accompanied by the elbowing of invisible children (or dwarves) on alternate sides and stamping on the invisible little people when they are on the floor.

all to a beat, of course.
beej: woah dad, you're really killin' them all on the dancefloor. is that the funky chicken?

dad: no, son, it's called dad dancing. its just a little something i picked up from your grandad. its a family tradition and now i think you've matured enough for me to pass on the legacy.
by barnetman January 23, 2007
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A very common dance ones father will do when in a happy mode. The dance consists of pointing of ones finger in the air and kicking the leg out not in co-odination with ones finger. There is usually a smile that said father does that leaves an eary odd atmosphere in the so called dance floor.
Oh no i am sooo embarassed my father is engaging in the dreaded "Dad Dancing" on the dance floor.
by Jamylah August 26, 2007
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