sexiest mf that ever existed
jack: wow dabi is so cool
elsa: he really is
by pirfcv April 12, 2021
A hot fictional character that you probably shouldn't simp over but still do.
Dabi is one of those boys that will hurt me not because he's a villain but because he has ✨ D A D D Y I S S U E S
by S1MpInGf0RfIcTi0nAlmEn October 5, 2020
The hottest dude in my hero academia who is a burnt chicken nugget but you still simp for him
Me: I love Dabi sm he’s my bf

Friend 1: bro you like that burnt chicken nugget
Friend 2: he’s not even real he’s a 2d character he can’t be your bf
Me: dimension doesn’t matter don’t discriminate
by (Dabi_simp) January 30, 2021
Dabi is a fucking hottie🥵🥵🥵
Marry me Dabi!!!
by A bitchy kid November 9, 2020