Headbutting your elbow in an attempt to look cool
Dont make me give further explainations oh and dabbin'
by damnitjimmy May 18, 2016
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Male A:"Squidward be dabbin' on them fol-"
Male B:"Kill yourself."
by PreteenMemeLord March 29, 2016
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the act of smoking concentrated THC oils off of a hot plate/skillet and or nail.
"yo we dont smoke weed anymore. we've been dabbin' that wax!!"
by Ian Messar February 20, 2012
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Can also be a move, where you put your arms slantingly in the air, both pointing to the same side with one arm being under your chin with your head turning down slantingly to the opposite site of where you arms are pointing
"Bitch, dab!"
"Damn bro, did you see that boy from the audience who started dabbin' on live TV?
by RødGrødmedFløde March 31, 2016
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An act of someone expressing swag. When someone dabs, they act like they are sneezing excessively. They bury their nose in their arm near the elbow and whip the opposite arm out to the side.
Daquan thought that Jamal was having the sneeze of a lifetime, but it turned out he was just dabbin' to show that he is just so cool.
by TeeJation October 21, 2016
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when you put your arm over your nose as if you just sneezed. and the other arm points where the dabbing arm is pointing.
"Did you just sneeze?"
"No man, I be dabbin'!"
"Is that how I can be cool?"
by ••Makayla•• March 22, 2016
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the act of hiding ones head unduer your left elbow and stretching the other arm
he is dabbin' for the lil niggas
by Holywestleigh May 4, 2016
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