'daNN' means the state of feeling absolute. It is also a description and explanation one could use when he or she smiles at random times for no reason.
A: You're smiling all by yourself. What is wrong with you?

B: Oh nothing. I was just daNNing.

A: Weirdo.

B: Don't get angry at me just because you've never experienced daNN.
by his jelitawan May 30, 2009
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A cool and strong dude

he is fucking awesome

he wrestles bears at day and at night and he kills vampires his arms tied to his back
Danne is cool
by Gunnar-gunnarsson February 12, 2010
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Wow, Dann is a true alpha male. Much better than that ConkerHax cuck!
by DoubleADewi November 04, 2017
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Alternative spelling of the nickname "Dan".
Dann:"Fuuuck, everyone's stealing my goddamn nickname"
Fake Dann:"z0mg tahts mi name"
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Throwing up in a pool or any body of water as a result of not waiting 20 or so minutes after eating a large meal
Awwww man Ed jumped in the pool after lunch and chucked a huge Dann everywhere, what an asshole!
by anonymous6425 January 25, 2012
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to be honest its just the scene kid way of spelling Dan
Dan - 'im a scene kid and want to be "origional" and would forget my name if i changed it there for i will just add another n to me name and pretend to be cool'

Dan now becomes Dann (what a loser)
by magicaly marvolous June 15, 2008
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