For something truly cool and gnarly. Like when a party gets out of control and stuff gets broken
Man that shindig was hella da filthy, hog-swingers
by Elbow_Grease November 5, 2022
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when something is so filthy with cool it cannot get any more filthy
Did you see me teabag those H4xor fools? it was Da Filthy!
by whore-hey March 29, 2005
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Relatively new, this not very old word hasn't been around for too long. Describing something that is of the utmost 'coolness', that which cannot be any cooler.
Sex with your mom last night was 'Da filthy'

'That plasma stick was more than filthy my noob-like friend, it was 'Da filthy'!
by Brennan April 16, 2005
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