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D4 is an area in Dublin, called 'dublin 4' but abbreviated to suit the accent of people who live there. People called d4s generally never live in d4, they just like to think they do, and follow the d4 culture.
To be a 'd4' you have to wear streaky fake tan, have a completely orange face, have lips the same colour as your foundation, have really messy hair which is made to look like you just shoved it up though actually took you at LEAST twenty minutes to arrange, abercrombie hoodies, airtex tshirts with the collars up or the rugby jersey of your boyfriends school(preferably zaga), fat man pants or cantos, and dubes or uggs, topped off with a louis vuitton or juicy cotoure handbag.
To be a real d4 girl, you have to 'like' rugby, ie say you like it and go to rugby matches though not understand the rules at all. You only like it because the guys who play it have supposedly 'hott' bodies. If you are a d4 guy, playing rugby and being on the j's is a MUST.
You also must go to 'the Wezz', a pathetic under 15 disco beside Donnybrook rugby pitch. The only activities that go on there are slut dancing and 'scoring' people.
d4 person at rugby match:Omfg loik we loik SOOOOOOOOOO have to go to Wezz tonoiysh after the Junior Cup Final cos there'll be loadsa hot rugby players there omg yeah!!!
Omg I sooooooo don't get this game, they should put the instructions in the manual!!!*looks desperately through programme*
by anna!atthedisco March 28, 2006
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A person from the southside of Dublin, of a wealthy background. Usually attends a private school such as Mount Anville, Blackrock College, Terenure College or The High School etc. Clad in O'Neills, designer jeans or fat man pants; airtex t-shirts with the collars up, Abercrombie and Fitch hoodies, or other American branded hoodies, or generally just wearing designer clothing. And the most common way of recognising these tanned fools is their footwear, uggboots and dubes are their preference.
They also have cultivated an accent similar to posh Americans and upper class British, locally known as the D4 accent. It is recognised by the over dramatised vowels, eg loike and roysh, which are two of their most used vocabulary.
The females usually have tossed hair that looks like they've just got out of bed, when in fact they've spent over twenty minutes preparing this "do". They will also be covered in orange fake tan, and make-up.
The males usually are members of rugby clubs and like this elitist sport.
These D4s generally aspire to do Arts in UCD.
D4 girl: Loike omg loike I was loike roysh and he just loike ignored me loike.
D4 guy: Roysh loike omg
by C|M (not a D4) September 17, 2006
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Basically an affluential suburb of Dublin where wealth and mercs are rampant. Not to be confused wth D4E, or 'ringsend', where inbreeding and verruccas are rampant.(see skobes andthe northside) The financial abundance of ths modern version of the Elysian Fields often leads to jealousy in people from lesser areas. (see above and desperate wannabes also seesad)
Some complete wannabe from BRAY, of all places! came up to me yesterday begging me for change. I was like get away from me, you focking pov! Daddy bought me a porshe for my birthday, SO gorgeous!!
by Jamie O' Connell-Kilroy May 17, 2005
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A person, male or female, you dosn't really have to live in D4(short for Dublin 4, an affulent rich area of Dublin) but does follow its culture. Many aspects of a D4, that are recognisibly D4 are their clothes (Abercrombie and Fitch, Designer labels), their acents and vocabulary (a Dublin form of Cockney Slang, e.g Wolfe (Tone phone) their accent is also very snobbish and they hate anything to do with the North Side, and Tallaght. Tallaght was named a honourary northside town by D4s last year. They also hate knackers(i.e travelers) with a vengeance. They have given many names to the North side and tallaght icludin Knackeraguia, Tallagtfornia, and Tallaghtban land.

Many male D4s follow Rugby and can often been seen wearing rugby jersyes and Dubs.
Female D4s wear Rugby jersey's from their boyfriends school, have long blonde hear, which they tie up, where dubs and sweat pants or o'niels. They also wear alot of fake tan and make up, which has earned them the nick name of oompa lumpas.
They also like many t.v shows, which they will talk about endlessly the next day as if these people are real. These shows include: Dawson's Creek, Friends, Oc and Lost. As far as i know they have only read a few books, which are all incendently part of the Ross O'Carrol Kelly series which makes fun of D4s, bu don't tell them, it's funny.
If you want to learn more about D4s read the Ross O'Carrol Kell y books, being The Miseducation years, P.s I scored the Bridesmaids and more.

D4 Girl:Oh my god, did you the Oc last night?

D4 Girl 2:Oh my God, yeah, di you see what Summer did to Seth, that is totally like arghhhh!

D4 Girl:Yeah, totally, it was arghhhh!, and did you see Sarah got a new tan, it is so like, good, i am totally jealous, she is around 4x oranger then me, it's not fair

Non-D4 person: Oh God those chicks are so D4
by Fergus mck November 14, 2005
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The nickname given to a brother or sister in a family a four siblings who makes all of their decisions regarding any expense for their elder parents in light of the cost being divided by four and deducted from their future inheritance.
"Mom had to go to the hospital in an ambulance...I sure that will piss off D-4! That's probably at least $ 200.00 deducted from her inheritance!""
by bettybuttstink December 17, 2009
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Short for Dublin 4, an upper middle class area in Dublin, Ireland, where a conrtived posh accent is often used by the most snobby of shitturds, it borrows from middle american and upper class UK accents aswell as french pseudo sophistocation.

People who speak with a d4 accent are deservadly ridiculed for their fake shallow gay accent which is put on to make them feel more important.

also see delusions of grandeur
on mobile fone
"Hi Dervla, how are youuu?? sheaaa?? oowoahoaoo thats fantaaaaastic....haa?? oh Fintin, yeah hes greeeeat, working hard ya-knaaewww.."
by womoma April 16, 2005
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also see Dublin 4 . Posh and extremely upmarket area of south dublin incorporating Donnybrook, Ballsbridge and Blackrock. Filled with pretenious capitalist wankers who speak with a shit poxy D4 accent that has its origins in that annoying american teenage californian accent, like whateverr. Most of the males arerugger buggers while the females are dirty sluts behind the veneer of designer clothes. Should all be shot.
1. like Fiachra, I've been waiting for the dort like for ages now, its sooo uncool.
2. Fuck off you poxy D4 cunt.
by choirboy June 10, 2005
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