Sound one makes when something is simply too cute.

started by Anon at
Anon says: "paper kids"

"paper kids ruined my life"
by Asdast October 19, 2008
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An expression of displeasure or disappointment but can sure enough also be used for the complete opposite. Commonly used as a replacement for the word "aww".
Girl1: I'm sorry, I can't accept the title of miss.america.
Girl2: Why?

Girl1: Because... this whole time, I've been a man.
Girl2: D'aww...

Student: Here, I want you to have this
Student2: Really? but it means so much to you
Student: I know, but you mean so much more to me
Student2: D'aww how sweet of you!
by Raven69 August 07, 2011
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Utter cuteness or admiration for one or more objects, animals (typically kittens), or people.

The term is a super superlative of "adorable" and "aww" and can be substituted where necessary.
by WhiteRAZOR February 12, 2011
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An act or look so unbearably adorable that it causes anyone within visual range to collapse with combination heart failure and diabeetus.
I wasn't going to buy her that candy, but when she unleashed her d'aww bomb in my direction, I just gave in.
by Arkaine Deao October 04, 2012
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