Short for 'die in a fire.'

Usually used in a sentence- I wish that hoe would just d in an f!

The phrase is most often exclaimed in times of showing angst towards people that get on your nerves.
Lisa: That girl just spilled beer ALL over my shirt!
Dee: Ugh, that's the worst, why doesnt she just d in an f?
by g-diggity February 24, 2008
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pronounced "dee-ing my eff", as one would pronounce the letters "d" and "f". used to shorten the phrase "dicking my f-ck", which means to screw someone over.
scene is as such: you're trying to turn left in the left-turn only lane, and the guy in front of you is trying to get over to keep going straight, but traffic won't allow him in, so you're stuck behind him with no way of doing anything because the idiot isn't moving at all.
"ahhhh quit d-in' my f!"
alternately, try "don't d my f, south carolina!" (reffering to license plate)
by matt gauck January 19, 2007
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Dick to the Face. To have worn features.To have voluptous lips.
1. She looks like she's taken a few D's to the F.
2. She looks like she could take a D to tha F.
by Luiggi April 25, 2008
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P.J.: Yo Bergman, what are your plans tonight?
Bergman: To get D as F after writing my exam. You?
by P.J. Hutch March 22, 2008
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A short form word used to describe someone you feel is dumb as fuck.
Boy did you see what Klaus did last night he's D as f!

Or sunny came to work drunk again he's D as f!
by Hom2436 January 17, 2018
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