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a company that gives winwin less than the bare minimum, despite trying to recruite him for 2 years. they give him NO solo activities, NO lines, little screen time, AND center time, despite him being a dancer and as of february 2019, has tried to erase his existence from 127 completely. wishing the best for winwin because sm does not manage him well at all...
β€œwhat company is winwin under?”
β€œsm entertainment....sadly”
by whipped for changbin February 11, 2019
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SM Entertainment was found by a korean called Lee Soo Man(currently manager/boss in the company and manager of DBSK). it is often referred to as a money sucking company by many. why? because the management company for the korean celebs aka singers (see tags listed below), releases merchandises/singles/albums like there's no tomorrow thus tempting fangirls/fans of the celebrities to keep ordering the items. and after which causing people to almost declare bankruptcy.

BUT it groomed talented koreans to what they are now - singers who are well-known all over the world. (therefore i don't mind the money loss anymore ;D)
SM Entertainment robs us of our money - LEGALLY!
SM is daylight robbing all our money.
i think i'm gonna declare bankrupt soon thanks to SM Entertainment/LSM!

by cho hyewon February 16, 2008
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SM ENTERTAINMENT- South Korean entertainment company established in 1995 by Lee Soo-man.
Although it has the best idols it treats them like crap and doesn't give them the treatment they deserve.
Also, treats trash better than their girl groups....
Makes the worst lightstick #RIPNCT
Despite this has the best family interactions -- suju&snsd&dbsk&boa&shinee
"Did you see how dirty SM Entertainment did Soshi?!"
"SM EntertainmentHASN'T GIVEN F(X) A COMEBACK IN YEARS.. they are gonna be 10 years next year"

"Poor NCT... SM Entertainment gave them the worst lightstick ever known to man"

"SM Entertainment did their idols so dirty... raising them w foreigners but taking them away at the end"
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A company with many awesome artists and is one of the BIG THREE entertainment companies in South Korea, alongside YG entertainment and JYP entertainment.

Produces well known groups like EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, SHINee,Super Junior, Girl's Generation, TVXQ, F(x) etc.
Also produces solo atrists like BoA, Taeyeon, Lay Zhang, Zhou Mi, Tiffany, YoonAh etc.
SM ENTERTAINMENT is one of the best entertainment companies i have ever come across! They bring up such talented groups!
by ChooXChoco March 15, 2019
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