Too cool for words, a nickname for a gentleman that would rather leave the 'e' out of everything. Specifies an intelligent person that is good with computers.
That guy's house is full of gadgets, he must be cybr.
by cybr November 9, 2007
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a bad ass bitch that slays hoes all day erry day
by pimpdaddyzye February 19, 2016
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meaning of a really beautiful, caring and understanding women who will fill your heart with joy if she decides you're worthy of her; even when mad she'll treat you like the most important person in the world, She will give you her all and be loyal to you until the very end. one of a kind daughter/partner/friend/person 13/10
Also loves strawberries and her rat.
Damn you cried when Cybre told you your mom was gay?
by somerandomleo August 30, 2018
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