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(1) a cyberghost is when the information of someone known to be dead still exists on the internet.
(2) a person who never really existed, but was made by someone else, and exists only on the internet.
(3) verb. to cyberghost: to create someone, or a profile of someone on the internet who is dead or never existed.
He died three years ago, but i found his cyberghost.
When looking for so and so, i found a cyberghost instead.
His cyberghost still haunts my email.
I'm friends with his cyberghost on (facebook, myspace, twitter, ect.)
by XxAnonymousXxXx May 16, 2010
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The act of having no contact through technology. Disappearing from social networks, text, emails, etc.. for a period of time
I've texted him several times this weekend but no reply, think he went cyberghost.
by A.F.C.3 May 25, 2011
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