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only having the balls to say something when your on the internet.

being anonymous on the internet can give someone "cyber balls"
she's not tough, she just has cyber balls.

he's a total bitch in real life but online he has massive cyber balls
by alwayshaley April 27, 2011
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Having intimidating characteristics over e-mail or instant messenger, but is timid and shy during face-to-face interactions.
He had cyberballs in his e-mail, but when I saw him in person he did not have the same level of conviction.
by CraigLox May 22, 2007
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A cockhead with the awesome ability to insult people and have the best comebacks, but only over facebook or msn chat, because they are too much of a pussy face fuckwit without enough balls to say it to someones face.
Ususally a stupid whiney wee prick who knows if he says shit to someones face then they'll get their cry baby arse kicked, because they're a skinny computer nerd without half a brain, and think they're the man because the computer MAKES THEM TOUGH :D

... losers
Ben: he has a thing called cyber balls
Mike: wow cyber balls, that's such a cool way to explain it, i've never heard of it before.
Ben: that's cos i invented it 2 seconds ago
by Liv XD June 19, 2010
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A sneaky, insecure, scared pussy who doesn't have the balls to say something to someone in person but goes on a website to do it.
Marlene was afraid to tell me what she thought when she we were working together, but said it on the internet because she has cyber balls.
by yayauno May 24, 2012
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Cyberballs - When little punk ass butt hurt individuals get on the internet and leave comments , voice/force their opinion on everyone in the comment section because they are hidden behind a screen name and I.P. Address , and if given the chance they would keep quite if face to face with the person they are talking shit to on the internet
Sometimes when i am on line i hate reading comments from little punk ass bitches who have Cyberballs when they hidden behind their screen names and tucked away in their houses , thinking they are little bad asses
by Wehoprince September 30, 2016
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