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Acronym that stands for:

-Chroma Video Blanking Synchro
-Color, Video, Blank and Sync
-Composite Video Baseband Signal
-Composite Video Burst Signal
-Composite Video with Burst and Sync

Each one refers to the composite video.
CVBS is the most commonly used analog video interface.
by DMC-12 January 25, 2006
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Cunt Vagina Butthole

You can use CVB in a few different situations.
1. Referring to something sexual.
2. When pissed off at someone/someone.

CVB can be said as simply "CVB", which works great, or can also be used as "Cunt Vagina Butthole". It all depends on how you're feeling
1. God dude I need some CVB.
OR God dude I need some Cunt Vagina Butthole

2. That dude was being such a CVB.
OR That dude was being such a Cunt Vagina Butthole.

and 3, which I used most often: Just yell out "CVB" or "Cunt Vagina Butthole" when you're stressed out or just pissed off. It helps.
by Joey Knez November 11, 2007
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