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When somebody says something so cute or you see something so cute that you go into a sort of uncontrollable spasm.

Symptoms include loss of speech,facial spasms and large smiles.
May end in long spells of kissing and/or staring.

Like being electrocuted...but....cuter.
(Insert facial spasms and slurred speech here)

"Aaaaaaaah I am so cutified right now!""

(Insert long kiss and staring here)
by ForDanii. November 14, 2011
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wen u get al flattered and happy and feel cute coz of sumtin sum1 sed.(4 u sahar from ashi lol)
i am soooooooooooooo cutified
by For Sahariiiiii October 31, 2004
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transitive verb.//past tense.

1. a : to elevate to a level of cuteness beyond a person's base level of being cute

b : as applied, almost exclusively, to persons named Sara.

2. : Adorable
Person A: "Hey, where's Sara?"

Person B: "Oh, she's up stairs getting cutified for one of her Plenty of Fish selfies."
by toseawildthing November 21, 2015
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