A green haired individual with gages an a minimum of three nose piercings. They have a cat an a bird along with a super chill vibe.
Only they can be the cutest in the world
by FrogChipmunkGoat September 11, 2022
A girl by the name of Kaili Bayless is the cutest person alive, her eyes are honey brown and just attract any soul that stares at her. If you're caught looking at a Kaili Bayless, she's the cutest person alive. Her smile is super contagious, so watch out, her little nose is so boop-able and sometimes that's all you wanna do.
--> OMG did you see Kaili walk by, she's literally the Cutest person alive.

--> Whoever's talking to Kaili must be lucky because she's the Cutest person alive.
by Maui_ohana September 26, 2020
The act of being the absolute epitome of the adjective 'cute'. Samiksha Patil is the literal definition of cute, also cutest.
Didi: "OMG! My baby sister Samiksha is literally the cutest human being in the entire world"
by idkwhyimherr March 6, 2021
Hey, who's the cutest?
- ryan#0570 is
by Tarek1337 December 25, 2018