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A really Hot girl who has a really nice ass than is so soft that often makes your dick shoot bullets even before you touch the vagina, but if your quick you can push in and give her the full load.
Eric: Jessica has a great Cushin for the pushin man!

Johnny: I bet you didint even get it in all the way, did you?

Eric: Yes I did! Im afraid though that i might have poped one of my testicles in her anus on the way in...

Johnny: Sick man!!!

Jessica: Hey Johnny, Hey Eric.

Johnny: Hi testicle ass!

Jessica: (slaps Johnny in the face)

Eric: (Kicks Johnny in the nuts)

Johnny: (starts cryin then pulls out a 9mm and shoots them both in the forhead then becomes a "Necropheliac" with Jessica)
by PussyMinister6000 February 02, 2008
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