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An amazing person who deserves more then she gets. A jersey girl, that wants to experience life with her best friends. Attachment not being in her vocabulary, but she's willing to love. Too good for the average guy, and better then the best. Strong, gorgeous and fearless. Has the confidence to walk by HHC and smile. Loves Ninja.
HHC looked at her and was like damnnn look at curstin.
by AAA. January 03, 2007
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hmmm where to start most Curstins are good looking with at least one part of them that is ugly and will manipulate a guy to the core its like they are allergic to being loyal and they never know when to stop they are quick to throw out fake tears and make a scene they talk a big game but will never actually do anything they tend to have black holes as female parts sucking up everything within a mile radias
Austin: "bruh your dating Curstin?"
Brock: "yeah why not she is pretty cool"
Austin:" dude she has a black hole for a vagina and has been with everyone on school be careful dont get sucked up "
by shhhhhgirl March 26, 2018
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Her name really sucks, she doesn't like it, but she really loves guys named Ryan. He treats Curstin very nice, and Curstin would never give him up.
Curstin succled Ryans wiener after the football game.
by WowserWords May 29, 2018
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