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Customer + Cunt = Cuntstomer. Describes retail customers who think you should wait on them hand and foot. Especially try to act like they know more than you when they ask you a question.
I told the cuntstomer we don't return Betamax players, especially ones without reciepts.

Circuit City has a lot of cuntstomers.
by mistahtom November 28, 2005
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a customer who is an absolue c*nt, who is obnoxious for no good meaning to the anti term the customer is never right.
gees guys I can you help me out? that cuntstomer has ruined my day.
by v_isa January 18, 2010
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A customer so vile and unpleasant that every attempt to help them with their particular problem only results in frustration and anger. At times it feels as though one is talking with a solid wall of stupid while attempting to help this type of person.
That cuntstomer didn't understand that without a receipt there was very little we could do for them.
by JJJHSwalker October 23, 2010
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A scumbag customer who bitches at you about your company or the company you work for, most often when you have to grin and bear it, or go postal and look for a new job.
so this asshole cuntstomer said to me "You're customer service is horrible! I want to speak to your superior!"
customer customer service complaints work feedback
by Mr Marty MacFly Daddy November 28, 2013
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