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An unappealing male who still manages to get girls.
Although the cuntqueen rarely showered, he still got laid by the goddess-like latina model.
by ThE hOuSe December 24, 2013
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A Gay man who cannot resist having a woman for sex because he loves the womans spot down there.
That cuntqueen loves to have sex with women because he cannot resist them.
by CharlieDaniels50 November 24, 2007
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Someone who steals from you, is only your “friend” to use you and every thing you have to offer for their own benefit. A lowlife asshole thief who is selfish and manipulating to their own boyfriend they don’t even love. Someone who is just heartless and with someone because they provide stability. A low class person with no consideration or respect for anyone. Mostly stems from daddy issues.
Amanda Otero is the biggest cunt queen of them all.
by Iloveapples1 October 06, 2018
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