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Def1. a total asshole, perhaps one of the biggest dick faces you have ever met, this is by far the worst thing to call someone, it surpasses calling someone a cunt and calling someone a vagina. Some say that by uttering this word in the correct context that one can make Chuck Norris appear.

Def2. What Robert Fagbag Acehole King acts like

your welcome engrish
You: dude why are you such a cuntgina

Other guy: (getting punched in the face by Chuck Norris)
by StealthStealthBoy October 01, 2012
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The single most offensive way to refer to a woman's vagina. Usually preceded by such colourful adjectives as disease-filled, sludge-spewing, and smelly.
Dude, that girl you banged last night had the most disease-filled, sludge-spewing, smelly cunt-gina that I've ever seen or smelled.

I know! I've been bathing in penicillin for 6 hours already.
by JohnV6 August 10, 2011
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