Insult to use on a gay guy when he's being rude as hell
by CrustyCritter February 22, 2017
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Another name for calling someone a faggot.
"Aye fagbag! What you think you're doing?"
by nancee March 16, 2003
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What you call someone who is extremely gay.
by Swami0586 August 1, 2005
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Fagbag is a faggot that t-bags other guys
OMG that Faggot over there is a fagbag look he's T-bagging that other guy for no reason
by SexyBeast25 June 17, 2009
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Fagbag: A bag with pride colors
1 : Look at my fagbag
2 : Beautiful rainbow
by Fake Paul February 7, 2022
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