There is a famous song by the Rolling Stones, "You cun't always get what you want"
by andy1 October 29, 2004
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White trash for couldn't.
/kuh-nt/ (IPA: /หˆkสŠ'nt/)
I got on the Jerry Springer show cuz I knew I c'u'n't be the father of that baby.

I c'u'n't get my trailer back from the impound lot.
by Pierreski's October 08, 2011
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In Australia (maybe UK/NZ too - not sure), cunt can be used to address friends or to jovially comment about their slyness. Cunt is also becoming more commonly used by woman in Australia too, but it's still not a great word for the older generation.
How you goin you old cunt?

You sneaky little cunt!
by peteyboy February 20, 2005
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