what ;.....that is defintely not what cugine means...
cugine means cousin in italian...and when meadow calls christopher cugine...she is calling him her cousin...
cugine is also refered to with(italian americans) as a guy who hangs around and still wears sweat suits and gold chains...
my cousin sal is such a cugine
by danidani May 31, 2006
A Mafia term for lower-ranking members who have not been 'made' into wise-guys i.e. they haven't taken the Omerta
e.q. Chrisopher Moltisanti of the Sopranos was a Cugine in the first two seasons untill he was 'made' in Season 3.
by gadget-gal March 17, 2006
A young ambitious gangster who wants to climb the ranks of power.
I just so happen to be a cugine.
by cugine February 2, 2008
A brute type of human-being with a simple-minded ogre personality, Commonly making mistakes and doing as he pleases without thinking about consequences.

The origin of the Cugin race was born in Indiana, Jasper.
1. Hey! dont be a Cugin, properly time your attack.
2. Haha, Did you guys see that? he just did a Cugin.
3. I have 3 Cugins and 1 light bulb... oh man.
by pikgin March 8, 2012