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italian americans....with italian heritage born in america
beautiful respectful people...who know how to
1.throw the best weddings
2.cook the best food
3/dress the best
4.best jewelry
5.best cars
6.safest neighborhoods.

and to all you fake italians or italian haters that say italians eat dominos and chef boy ardee

no italian would ever...ever..ever eat that crap..

my next door neighbor is a real italian..he just got here from Naples
by danidani May 31, 2006

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what ;.....that is defintely not what cugine means...
cugine means cousin in italian...and when meadow calls christopher cugine...she is calling him her cousin...
cugine is also refered to with(italian americans) as a guy who hangs around and still wears sweat suits and gold chains...
my cousin sal is such a cugine
by danidani May 31, 2006

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