to been in a relationship or flirtationship in other words to have a man or a girl
guy:u gotta a man?
guy:ewww u all " cuffed up"
by ladii3nvii July 23, 2008
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a G rated term for FUCKED UP. FUBAR'd
"He drank a case of beer and got cuffed up"
by wbates_6 October 17, 2007
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When you are cuffed up you are using a replacement opiate such as methadone
Suboxone subutex. It is most commonly used to refer to being dependent
On methadone from a clinic. This is because you have to go every day
Unless you stay completely clean then you get one take home dose for every clean
Month I believe you can get a total of 12 take home doses that you need to
Keep In a lock box at all times. On to the other drugs that cause you to
Be "cuffed up" but not nearly as strict is suboxone or subutex. You usually
Have to see your doctor bi weekly and attend group therapy sessions.

You are subject to random drug screens (generally every visit. They gotta get that $)
If you continue to use and come up positive for opiates you are subject
To even tighter restrictions such as weekly visits small prescriptions

For your meds. This in turn usually costs you money if you have insurance
Because it costs the same amount to fill a two weeks supply as it does
For a month. Plus suboxone / subutex aren't all they are said to be. But
Since you have to self administer in the usa you can time your dosing
Schedule so you can get high and be minimally sick usually for no more

Than a few hours.
" hey john did you hear that Jane is saying she is completely clean. But my buddy

Told me he saw jane at the methadone clinic getting her daily sip.

John : wow. I can't believe she has herself cuffed up like that"
by the syringe slammer October 12, 2009
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