Anything leaving one speechless due to its greatness. Witty, clever, smart, charming, fabulous and hysterical all at the same time.

Wow, that presentation was fabulous! you sure are a Cuenca.
Natalia is looking pretty Cuenca right about now.
by Ailatan October 7, 2007
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1. The epitome of coolness.
2. Coolness that rivals with ancient dieties like Zeus n shit
3. Being so cool that not even the person who defined the word cool is as cool as you
4. Having the ability to walk into a room and take everyone's cookies and not recieving any opposition because you're cool like that
Man did you hear that new B.T. track? That shit was CUENCA!
by Big Harry October 8, 2007
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When a friend knows you like a girl, and he steals her either way, breaking the Bro Code and furthermore your former friendship.
-"Dude, did you remember that time when Fernando made a Cuenca move?"
"Yeah, it was with Caro right? Didn't Sergio like her?"
"Yeah she did LOL"
by TasteTheFeeling September 12, 2018
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