A relatively thin garment with a smooth feel, generally worn by a female, can be a singlet but can have sleeves, even long ones. Always slipped on (no buttons, zip etc).

When wearing such an item, the woman can be felt in a more sensitive way, thus making her more cuddly.
by Earl Purple May 16, 2006
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(Verb) Its when a girl with a bearded face proceeds to wrap her lips around a males genitalia and provides a "Humming" noise/action with her lips. Her facial hair than rubs against the males skin, causing a cuddly hummer.
Hey dude I received a cuddly hummer last night from this girl, she had more hair on her face than I do on my body! Try it some time!
by Cross067 April 06, 2009
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A side most men don't want to show, but lots of have.
Includes being a bit 'girl-minded'.
Girls like it, cause it looks sweet and kind of romantic.
Guys who have that side wil just let it show through when they're with their girlfriends.
by YourJordan January 13, 2011
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This means that something is so cuddly, it makes you want to hold it 24/7!
In other words, you can let go of a object.
Mollie "Hey I can't let go of my fluffy cat Apollo,he's so cuddly"

Jimmy " I think your suffering from cuddly wuddly syndrome."
by Ling ling 2013 September 07, 2013
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overweight, jolly black man that you wouldn't mind cuddling with. (in a heterosexual way of course)
Ruben Studdard and Forest Whitaker are cuddly black guys. Imagine cuddling between them. Yummy!
by tohellwithgeorgia March 22, 2005
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An accurate measurement of ones cuddling abilities.
Amanda was very fond of Jordan's cuddlyness on a cold winter night.
by Mayfron December 06, 2010
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Alyssa. This person “Alyssa” is a bundle of affection. They love any form of affection such as hugs, cuddling, hand-holding, and kisses.
Aw man, you’re such an ALYSSA.” (Cuddly)
by strwberriepie November 27, 2020
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