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(noun) A guy whom a girl chooses to cuddle, spoon, watch movies, and/or, but no limited to, sharing her feelings with. Note that the guy DOES NOT get to engage in ANY kind of sexual relations with the girl. The girl merely uses him to fulfill a lack of intimacy in her relationship with her bf.

The "Fuck buddy" is the Cuddlebitch's archenemy.
The FB is everything the CB wants to be, but doesnt have the balls or the large penis to be. The CB ends up just hearing about how badly the FB treats the girl, then masturbates while she sleeps.
"John is so gay, he thinks he is pimp but he is just her cuddle bitch"

Girl: "After I visit my Fuckbuddy, I can swing by my Cuddle bitch's house to sleep"
by Thuy Truong October 21, 2005
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Basically this is just a guy who has a very high position on the friends ladder. So far up the friends ladder that he gets the dubious honor of getting to provide all the intimacy that a girl is missing when she's off fucking guys who basically don't care about her like outlaw bikers and band members. So he gets to be the proxy father/confessor/friend/teddy bear for her, depending on what she is missing at the time. Perhaps the only consolation of this is a ladder jump to the real ladder seems statistically a little more likely to succeed. Of course, when one is that high up the fall is dreadful indeed...(courtesy of
Oliver sacrifices dinner, as Cuddle Bitches do, to comfort his lady friend and compensates by eating 2 Oporto meals the next day.
by R_K_ October 27, 2005
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(n) a guy who never gets to sleep with a girl but gets to have intimate moments with her like cuddling, spooning, or otherwise being affectionate. This guy makes up for the lack of intimacy in that females relationship.
That poor guy is being used as a cuddle bitch, when will he see he is being used?
by DDRfReAkA March 23, 2003
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a cuddle bitch is basically a guy that is badly friend zoned, he does all that mushy shit that all BFs dread but never gets laid because of it, on the other side is the fuck buddy which gets laid and then the cuddle bitch just hears about how much of a dick the fuck buddy is.
Girl: oh, my BF just uses me to get fucked. Cuddle Bitch: oh thats too bad you deserve better. (while thinking:why dont you just go out with me u dumb slut.
by 69ersFTW March 05, 2015
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A person whim one can call/text at any time when they are in need of a cuddle, similar to a fuck buddy but without anyything sexual happening.
person 1 calls person 2: "come here and cuddle me"
person 2: "will be over right away, you know im your cuddle bitch"
by StephBunny March 05, 2008
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a guy who always ends up in the dreaded " lets just be friends zone" with females he is attracted to. Consequently gets to hear all her problems, runs around after her and basically acts like her female friend....but with testicles. You heard of "friends with benefits", well this sort of idiot is a"boyfriend without benefits!"
Igor: "you see Dennis is running around after Chloe again"
Olly : "yeh ,hes not gonna get in her knickers though....hes just her cuddlebitch!"
by mingemuncher September 24, 2009
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A synonym of cuddlewhore, but refers only to those that fulfill one or more of the following requirements:

- has a pussy
- has boobs
- is gay
Guy A: "Yo this party is the biggest sausage fest ever... what are we gonna do?"
Guy B: "Let's call that cuddlebitch Irene"
by yamomo May 24, 2005
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