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One who eats other animals within the game "Animal Leader" ("Cubivore" in English). The cubivore can rip off the limbs of an animal, leaving it bleeding on the ground. At this point, thevictim is screaming. The cubivore can eat said victim alive. The cubivore can then "take a doo". Sometimes, the cubivore will have a sex orgy afterwards. This method is called "Rated E for Everyone" by the ESRB.
Purse Snatcher Cubivore Defeated! I have obtained... RAW PENIS! Mating time! Giddy up!
by Masutakusu March 15, 2010
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An excellent GameCube game released in the US, known in Japan as Animal Leader
Cubivore rocks, whereas Metroid Prime does not
by mdm August 05, 2003
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One of the worst games ever made. Made for gamecube, it consisted of a small cube hopping around and eating other cubes. Everything was a cube, including the sun and moon. Your cube could aquire limbs, which were squares. When another cube was spotted, your cube would say "EEP! Its the (insert ridiculous name here) cubivore!" For example, "EEP! Its the district attourney cubivore!" As a whole, the game had no point, and its only redeming quality was the humor value associated with making your own "EEP! Its the _______ cubivore!"
When Jon payed 40 dollars to buy cubivore, he felt like a fool after playing that god awful game.

"EEP! The motherwoman cubivore!"
by Cowboy Dave May 13, 2007
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