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The crusty part of one's bedsheets soiled with cum from a nocturnal emission or self-handjob. Dogs prize crusty surprises as delicacies, much as we prize lemon merangue pie, and will seek them out in the morning whilst their owners are showering. Not to be confused with the crusty pillow surprise, although there's no reason why a pillow couldn't have a crusty surprise.
Woman: Richard, come here.
Man: What?
Woman: It's your dog. What's he doing?
Man: Barney! What you lickin there?
Barney: really guilty look
Man: Look's like Barney found himself a Crusty Surprise.
Woman: That's disgusting.
Man: That's all right, Mr. B! That cookie's yours!
by Richard J March 05, 2007
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those flakes that are forgotten by the toilet paper and they itch (Poor Hygiene) Morbidly obese people are prone to this (they cant reach)
Logan's nurse came over to give him his sponge bath and exclaimed "You've done it again Logan You've left me a crusty surprise!"
by Flying dutchman July 02, 2015
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